Hayao Miyazaki's New Film Will Tell the Story of Zero Fighter's Designer

It was previously announced that Hayao Miyazaki's next film will be biographical and "not the sort of work that everyone in the audience can relax and watch". The latest information regarding the film has come from the tweets by a couple of Japanese animators, Osamu Kobayashi (Paradise Kiss) and Takashi Hashimoto (Samurai Horror Tales).

It appears that Miyazaki's new film will be based on the life of Jiro Horikoshi, the man who designed the Zero fighter plane used in the attack on Pearl Harbor during World War II. Horikoshi was an aeronautical engineer who developed a number of military aircrafts, with Zero being his most famous invention. 

Studio Ghibli is reported to have carried out a large-scale search for animators skilled at drawing aeroplanes to work on Miyazaki's film that is planned for completion in late 2013

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