Fantasia 2012: If You've Heard it All Before, You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet! PONTYPOOL CHANGES

We do not post One-Sheets, or Promo Key art as separate posts very often around here, only on those special occasions.  However, Being in the thick of a quite poster-heavy Fantasia Film Festival - an art show; 2 panels; and of course many, many genre posters on display in the Hall Theatre lobby - it seems apropos of this title appearing in the festival's development market to boot.  Furthermore, there is nobody on this planet more excited about the prospect of this happening, the long promised sequel to Bruce McDonald's wonderful semiotic zombie film very loosely taken from Tony Burgess's exceptional novel "Pontypool Changes Everything."  As the sequels (hopefully) get made they will slowly build the title of the novel from which the loosely joined stories (the book is kind of the Robert Altman Short Cuts of zombie novels) are extracted.  Here is the Fantasia market poster (also shown in the current poster-art exhibit, "It They Came From Within" running at La cinémathèque québécoise until July 29th)  for Pontypool Changes.

Plus, lots more severed ears than Blue Velvet.  This poster is a suggestive thing of beauty representing a soon-to-be franchise with the power of suggestion at its core.
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  • KrisBoruff

    If you squint, the bird form a skull.

  • jkoob13

    Outstanding! Would love to get that poster somehow.

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