Check Out This Totally Radical Animated NINJA TURTLES Tribute!

, U.S. Editor
I guarantee you've never seen the Turtles quite like this. Montreal-based animator Malcolm Sutherland has put together a short, but oh so sweet animated tribute to our heroes in a half shell, and by golly, would I love a whole TMNT adventure executed in this style. Now, is anyone else getting a Moebius vibe here?     
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  • Ben Umstead

    I see a bit of that Nicktoon style (ala Rocko, Real Monsters etc) too, though I'm not that familiar with those shows due to the lack of cable TV in my household as a child. This reminds me when Moebius would go lighter, more playful... the line and shadowing work mainly reminds me of him.

  • mightyjoeyoung

    I only seen Moebius serious that could explain everything. But nice post, Mr Umstead.

  • mightyjoeyoung

    "Now, is anyone else getting a Moebius vibe here?"

    Well...Mr Umstead, I got more of an Nickelodeon/Rocko's Modern Life vibe but...perhaps I´m wrong.

    Cool video though.

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