BREAKING: Australia's New Anime Distributor Hanabee Announces Its First Titles!

Back in April at Supanova Melbourne, Hanabee, the new Australian anime distributor had its launch. Since then, the company has been cleverly dropping hints on its Facebook page as to what its first releases will be, and many anime fans have been actively guessing the titles, while at the same time eagerly anticipating the formal announcements. 

I have just received official news that Hanabee's first anime licence is... Toradora!!  The first volume of this popular anime series featuring episodes 1-13 will be available on DVD in Australia and New Zealand from October 3. 

Founded by Eric Cherry, former CEO of Siren Visual, Hanabee is Australia's third anime distributor (the other two being Madman and Siren Visual). Mr Cherry has expressed his interest in making the Australian anime market 'a more interesting one', which is certainly great news for all Aussie anime fans. 

Expect more exciting announcements at SMASH (Sydney Manga and Anime Show) over this coming weekend! 

Update: At SMASH earlier today, Hanabee announced that it will also be releasing the following titles:
- Dream Eater Merry (release date October 3)
- Red vs. Blue Season 10 
- Red vs. Blue Seasons 1 - 10 Special Box-Set. 

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