It's almost here folks. Flashback Weekend is hands down the biggest horror event in Chicago every year and this is their 10th anniversary. Hopefully you've got a hotel room already because those babies are long gone. The main reason is because the man himself JOHN CARPENTER is the special guest! In addition to Carpenter guests can also meet LINDA BLAIR and both luminaries will be on hand for respective weekend screenings of The Thing and The Exorcist.

As excited as I am by that, and all the other activities of the weekend (Costume Contest, Dealer Room, other screenings etc) . I'm more than a little pumped by a guest list that includes some harder to find names.  Time honored favorites like KEN FOREE (Dawn of the Dead), TONY TODD (Candyman)and DANIELLE HARRIS (Halloween series, Stakeland) will be on hand. JAMES MARSTERS will be offering a concert.  But fans will have rarer opportunities to meet MEG FOSTER (They Live), KIM DARBY (Don't Be Afraid of the Dark, True Grit, Better Off Dead) and ERIN GRAY (Buck Rogers TV show, Jason Goes To Hell). There are tons of other guests, and activities. TIM SULLIVAN (2001 Maniacs, Chillerama) is even offering a film school. 

CHECK OUT THE OFFICIAL SITE  I have a hunch this sucker is gonna sell out. My advice is get yer tix now. 

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