Vampire Thriller RIGOR MORTIS Marks Juno Mak Directorial Debut

James Marsh, Asian Editor
Hong Kong pop-star turned actor Juno Mak, who has given impressive performances in such films as Revenge: A Love Story and Let's Go! (both directed by Wong Ching Po), has revealed to Twitch that production is underway on his directorial debut. Supernatural thriller Rigor Mortis harks back to the classic Chinese vampire movies of the 1980s, in particular the Mr. Vampire series, which starred Lam Ching Ying as unibrowed Taoist priest Master Kau, ably supported by Ricky Hui Koon Ying and Chin Siu Ho. 

Eschewing much of the comedic tone of those films, Mak brings back Chin (the only surviving member of that original golden trio) to play a tortured version of himself in a much darker, more introspective horror film. Written by Philip Yung (Glamourous Youth) and Leung Lai Yin (Revenge: A Love Story) from Mak's original concept, Rigor Mortis is being produced by his own company, Kudos Films. The film reunites Chin Siu Ho with fellow Mr. Vampire cast members Anthony Chan Yau, Wong Siu Fong and Billy Lau Nam Kwong, as well as such revered performers as Kara Hui Ying Hung, Bao Hing Ching, Richard Ng You Hon, Man Chi Leung, Cheung Fat and Lo Hoi Pang.

Rigor Mortis is an interesting new direction for Mak, who has cast his film almost exclusively with seasoned veteran actors, as opposed to the rosters of young up-and-coming talent that have populated his previous acting ventures. This time out, Mak will be staying behind the camera and aims to resurrect the once-popular geung si genre of horror film with his own bold new vision.

Twitch has been granted full access to the cast, crew and locations of Rigor Mortis, so as the production proceeds, we will be featuring a wide array of interviews, behind-the-scenes material and on-set reports between now and the film's eventual release. Above is the first officially released image from the set - and there is a mountain more material where that came from!

Photography by Doug Bruce

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  • chintai80

    i've been waiting for a good geung si movie for ages.

    last time they tried this was tsui hark's era of vampires...and that was so-so.

    looking forward to this!

  • Qinlong

    Wow, that was unexpected... Can you promise you will interview Richard Ng ? Oh and Kara Hui too please.

  • James Marsh

    Definitely. In fact I was on set earlier this week and had a good chat with Richard. Not met Kara Hui yet, but she's certainly at the top of my interview hit list.

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