Sydney 2012: Day 8 Trailer of the Day - HAROLD'S GOING STIFF

Today's selected trailer of the day at the Sydney Film Festival is the zombie comedy Harold's Going Stiff. 

About the film: Fashioned in the style of a BBC regional documentary about a sensitive local health issue, Keith Wright's very funny and surprisingly touching tale investigates 'Onset Rigors Disease', a mystery illness turning men in the north of England into something resembling bloodthirsty ghouls. Far removed from the shuffling hordes of  Dawn of the Dead and the sprinting flesh-eaters of  Zombieland, the semi-dead creatures here are geezers like Harold, a lovely old man whose gradual transformation into something sub-human might just be arrested by the love of Penny, a dedicated home care nurse looking to put a little zing into her love life. 

Embedded below is the trailer. 
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