Sydney 2012: Day 5 Trailer Of The Day - UNDEFEATED

Winner of this year's Academy Award® for Best Documentary, Undefeated is the spirited story of the Manassas Tigers, a high school football team who have never taken home the championship, and the dedicated coach who's determined to change their luck. The underfunded and underprivileged team's downtrodden spirit matches its home in inner-city Memphis, a place where everyone with money seems to have shut up shop and left. Volunteer coach Bill is convinced this season will be the one that turns it around. His best players, however, are not doing well: O.C., the archetypal gentle giant, is struggling to make grades; Chavis can't control his temper; and Money, the smartest of the bunch, is going off the rails. 

Embedded below is the trailer. 
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