Sydney 2012: Day 2 Trailer of the Day - CAESAR MUST DIE

The trailer that I have picked for you from today's screenings at the Sydney Film Festival is Caesar Must Die, which won the Golden Bear at Berlin earlier this year. 

About Caesar Must Die: Paolo and Vittorio Taviani's Caesar Must Die deftly melds narrative and documentary in a transcendently powerful drama-within-a-drama. The film was made in Rome's Rebibbia Prison, where the prisoners are preparing to stage Shakespeare's Julius Caesar. After a competitive casting process, the roles are eventually allocated, and the prisoners begin exploring the text, finding in its tale of fraternity, power and betrayal parallels to their own lives and stories. Hardened criminals, many with links to organised crime, these actors find great motivation in performing the play. As we witness the rehearsals, beautifully photographed in various nooks and crannies within the prison, we see the inmates also work through their own conflicts, both internal and between each other.

Embedded below is the trailer. 

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  • mightyjoeyoung

    So a couple of hitmen for the mafia plays Shakespeare..?

    Sounds cool...

  • Hugo Ozman

    Thanks, Joe. Definitely a cool idea. I actually got to see the film at the festival today and thought it was pretty good. My full review will be available soon.

  • mightyjoeyoung

    I will be looking forward to that review.....they have tried something similiar in Sweden a few times.....waiting for Godot, but just as the main character, they decided to never show up and escaped instead.

    True story....

  • Hugo Ozman

    Thanks Joe. The review is now up on the site!

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