Bored Of The Olympics Already? Celebrate The Summer With Some Alternate British Film Classics!

Whatever your views on this summer's range of British national pride-inducing events, from the Queen's Jubilee to the Olympics, you can rest easy because Studio Canal are using it all as a springboard to bring an eclectic mix of Brit classics back to the big screen.

From the 5th June they'll be launching their MADE IN BRITAIN season that sees a diverse array of films screened across the UK, with something to cater for all tastes: Passport to Pimlico, Plague of the Zombies, The Man Who Fell to Earth, Hobson's Choice and Quartermass and the Pit. They may not all be the most obvious choices, but they're certainly all worthy of discovery (or rediscovery).

All the movies have been recently restored too, so it's a rare opportunity to see them on the big screen, probably in better shape than they've ever been.

Take a look at the full list of screenings and check out the Facebook page.

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