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For those of you keeping score at home. This is not the Once Upon A Time In Shanghai starring Chow Yun-fat and Sammo Hung, and directed by Wong Jing. 

This is, however, another Once Upon A Time In Shanghai also starring Sammo Hung with Philip Ng [Bodyguards and Assassins and Naked Soldier], and produced by Wong Jing.

Someone at Jing's Mega Vision Pictures is not keeping track of film titles.

This movie will be directed by Wong Ching Po [Revenge: A Love Story] and was chosen by Wong Jing because "...his visual style is very unique and I want him to bring a new visual element to kung-fu fighting". On top of that he brings in action director and legend Yuen Woo Ping to handle the choreography. So colour us interested. 

Ng will play a poor labourer from Shandong who moves to 1920s Shanghai with a dream of making his fortune but ends up using his powerful fists. Hung plays his kung-fu master.

You can find a teaser after the break. It features no footage and despite the razzle and dazzle I am rather fond of that homage to the beginnings of a lot of those Shaw Brothers kung fu flicks; the lone figure against a solid background displaying his skills. Further judgement will be held back until we see actual footage. Fingers crossed. 
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  • AlbertV

    I'm glad Philip Ng is finally having a chance to really showcase what he can do in the martial arts department on screen. This could be the breakout project he needs to make it as the next big action star!

  • luckystars

    I believe the *other* Once Upon A Time In Shanghai project has been retitled 'The Last Tycoon'

    Wong Jing and Sammo Hung are involved in both, and both films are set in Shanghai in the 1920's. I'm guessing production will cross over to save $$.

  • seventhbrother

    Definitely reads like a remake of Shaw Brothers "Boxer From Shantung" starring Chen Kuan Tai. This is an amazing trailer! Chills..

  • Qinlong

    But that was already more or less remade with the criminally underrated HERO (Corey Yuen's 1997 movie, not the Zhang Yimou yawn-fest)

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