MAD MAX: FURY ROAD Now Shooting In Namibia, But No Longer Shooting In 3D

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Director George Miller has finally begun production the long delayed Mad Max: Fury Road, with production shifted to Namibia from Australia, but not without one final change.

Miller was very clear from the outset that his intention was to shoot Fury Road - and presumably back-to-back effort Furiosa, as well - in 3D with customs rigs being developed for the shoot by Dalsa Corporation. Those plans have now been shelved and while the film will still be screened in 3D it will no longer be shot that way. The production has instead shifted to a blend of Alexa digital cameras with Canon and Olympus DSLRs being used in situations where they might (read: will) be smashed.

Tom Hardy and a shaven headed Charlize Theron star.
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