Jean Dujardin Joining Scorsese's WOLF OF WALL STREET

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Well, now, this is interesting.

In the aftermath of the massive international success of The Artist star Jean Dujardin was quoted by the French press saying he wasn't particularly interested in a Hollywood career. He certainly wasn't about to change how he goes about his business in an attempt to expand his own fame. And yet ...

Variety reports that Dujardin is currently in talks to join the cast of Martin Scorsese's upcoming The Wolf Of Wall Street. Dujardin would play a Swiss banker in the film, starring alongside Leonardo DiCaprio, Jonah Hill and Kyle Chandler in the biopic of disgraced Wall Street trader Jordan Belfort.

We've been saying Dujardin is a genius here at Twitch for years now and he's an intriguing fit with Scorsese's regular style.
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