First Teaser for THE SILENT WAR - Latest Film from Creators of OVERHEARD and THE LOST BLADESMAN

Formerly known as Windseeker, The Silent War is the latest film from writers-directors Alan Mak and Felix Chong, who have enjoyed great success in recent years with The Lost Bladesman and Overheard 1 & 2. They were also two of the creative trio behind the Infernal Affairs trilogy.

The Silent War is adapted from the novel Plot Against by writer Mai Jia (who also penned The Message that was adapted into a big budget movie in 2009). It is a 1950s-set spy thriller that tells the story of a blind man recruited to assist with a secret mission because of his extraordinary hearing ability. 

The Silent War stars Tony Leung Chiu-wai and Zhou Xun. It is due for release across Asia later this year. 
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  • James Marsh

    I really enjoyed The Message too and this could be good fun. Mak & Chong seem to have finally got their shit together and Leung and Zhou are two of my favourite Chinese actors currently working. "Please be good!"

  • Qinlong

    Nice ! I've been wondering why the success of the superb THE MESSAGE didn't lead to more costumed spy films. The genre is in good hands here, and I really love Leung and Zhou (though I thought they didn't really have much chemistry in The Great Magician).

  • Hugo Ozman

    Thanks, Qinlong. This teaser reminds me of The Message. It will be really interesting to see how Mak and Chong handle a spy thriller.

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