Watch The Brilliant, Coen-esque Trailer For Patrik Eklund's FLIMMER (FLICKER) Now!

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A quick search of the Twitch archive will show that we have held director Patrik Eklund in very high regard in these parts for a very, very long time. And the reason for this is, quite simply, that the young Swede is a genius. His short film work is simply fabulous, laced with dark humor and absurdity and yet still populated with touching characters and genuine emotion. Eklund has a rare gift, one that will soon be exposed to a much larger audience with his debut feature, Flimmer (Flicker).

Something's bubbling under the surface in the tiny village of Gumby, centring on the struggling telecoms company Unicom, its staff and a militant group of people allergic to electricity. When a power cut strikes the village it triggers off a chain reaction of mishaps, encounters and love affairs.
The first trailer for this one has arrived and it is flat out brilliant. If you see anything better than this today - hell, even something half as good - then you are clearly living a more interesting life than I am. Check it out below.

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  • mightyjoeyoung

    There are some poeple in Sweden that actually look like trailer.

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