Tom Sizemore Heads into Óscar Aibar's EL BOSC

Óscar Aibar is not as well known outside of Spain as he should be. His films have that strange and wonderful blending of genres, such as comedy and sci-fi in Platillos Volantes (about textile workers obsessed with UFO's), sci-fi and western in Atolladero (set in a lawless hinterland with Iggy Pop as a psychopathic killer), and even a bit of history in the story of 1960s Spanish comic writer El Gran Vázquez, starring Santiago Segura. Aibar combines the great Spanish absurd and grotesque tradition into postmodern myth. He's just begun shooting his sixth feature film, El Bosc, starring Tom Sizemore.

Based upon a short story from spanish author Albert Sanchez Piñol set during the Spanish Civil War, El Bosc tells the story of a family from Matarraña (low Aragón, Spain) that hide an ancient secret: next to their farmhouse, some mysterious lights are visible two nights every year, coming from the bushes in a strange wood. According to family legend, the lights are a door into another world, from where nobody returns after crossing it, and the family attempt to keep this secret from the local villagers.

Sizemore is mainly known for his tough-guy roles in films such as Saving Private RyanBlack Hawk Down and Natural Born Killers. But that kind of persona can actually work very well in a film where the real and the supernatural collide, and secrets are desperate to be kept hidden. Aibar isn't the first director to add a little supernatural to this time period, but given that he is also a comic book author, no doubt his take will be imaginative.

Below are some images and a trailer/shooting video, showing a film that looks to be dark, gritty, and more than a little terrifying.
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