Scott Adkins Gets His Own THE EXPENDABLES 2 Poster

When the character posters for The Expendables 2 were making the rounds online a while back, action fans has been complaining about Scott Adkins being kick to the curb in any of the publicity.  If an inexperience kid like Liam Hemsworth with no action credentials can get his own poster, why can't Adkins get one?  Based on his solid track record in Undisputed 2 & 3, I consider him as one of the best onscreen fighter with jaw-dropping athletic talents and I strongly share the same sentiments of him deserving to get his day in the sun. 

Fortunately, the outcry of fan support for the martial arts extraordinaire has not fallen on deaf ears from Lionsgate and the official Scott Adkins poster was posted today via official Expendables Facebook.  According to the site, Adkins plays sadistic henchman Hector with quick blade skills and is loyal to the cause.  Interesting bit of info...does this mean he will have a knife duel with Jason Statham?

The theatrical release date is on August 17th.
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