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Iron Sky director Timo Vuorensola's future is going to be filled with Nazis. With Iron Sky selling well around the world Vuorensola plans to return to that world in a big way, with both a three episode TV miniseries to explain how the Nazis got on the moon in the first place as well as a big screen sequel, but first he's got a little something else in the works.

Vuorensola will begin production in 2013 on I Killed Adolf Hitler, a time traveling comedy based on the Eisner Award winning graphic novel by Jason.

In this full-color graphic novel, Jason posits a strange, violent world in which contract killers can be hired to rub out pests, be they dysfunctional relatives, abusive co-workers, loud neighbors, or just annoyances in general -- and as you might imagine, their services are in heavy demand. One such killer is given the unique job of traveling back in time to kill Adolf Hitler in 1939... but things go spectacularly wrong. Hitler overpowers the would-be assassin and sends himself to the present, leaving the killer stranded in the past. The killer eventually finds his way back to the present by simply waiting the decades out as he ages, and teams up with his now much-younger girlfriend to track down the missing fascist dictator...
Working from a script by DC Walker the film will be produced by London's Studio Eight, Finalnd's Blind Spot Pictures and Germany's Niama Film.

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  • yipyop

    ...Forgot to mention the book's plot and tone remind me of the Czech film Tomorrow I'll Wake Up And Scald Myself With Tea, which I've also long hoped would get a modern remake.

  • yipyop

    I always hoped this would become a film. Such a good time travel story, not to mention Jason's typically awesome character studies and dry sense of humor.

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