You Are What You Eat in Hilarious FUGU & TAKO Trailer

, Asian Editor
The latest film from director Ben West and Australian special effects guru, Robot, comes FUGU & TAKO, the story of two Japanese salarymen who get more than they bargain for when one of them demands ultra fresh "fugu" (pufferfish) at a sushi bar. 

I'm getting a strong Hitoshi Matsumoto vibe from the mock-documentary style of this, reminiscent of his classic BIG MAN JAPAN, together with something like Minoru Kawasaki's EXECUTIVE KOALA. The effects work looks absolutely sensational - the expressiveness of the "puffer face" is incredibly emotive - and quite frankly I cannot wait to see the full film.

Check out the trailer below and there's also a link to Robot's website so you can check out their back catalogue of excellent videos.
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  • mightyjoeyoung

    "the expressiveness of the "puffer face" is incredibly emotive "

    Yeah...I thought about myself....but is it a combination of animatronics and CGI..?

    Very impressive....

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