Fresh Clip From Sean Byrne's THE LOVED ONES

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About a zillion years after it wowed audiences on the festival circuit - it's actually been three - Sean Byrne's stellar Australian horror flick The Loved Ones is finally receiving a US theatrical release this summer. And do not let the behind the scenes wrangling make you think that the delay has anything to do with the quality of the film ... this one deserves every ounce of praise that has been heaped upon it.

Lola Stone asked Brent Mitchell to the prom, but Brent said no, and now he's screwed. What happens when Lola doesn't get what she wants? She enlists Daddy's help to throw a prom of her own where she is queen and Brent is king, whether he likes it or not. THE LOVED ONES is what happens when puppy love goes horribly, violently wrong. Brent should have said yes.

With the release now approaching a new clip from the film has arrived online ... the fateful moment when Brent tells Lola no lies below.
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