Vintage Japanese Body Horror In Ohata Hajime's HENGE

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Though it failed to pick up any awards when it premiered at the Yubari International Fantastic Film Festival Ohata Hajime's Henge came out of the festival as one of the most buzzed about pictures. Having had a chance to see the film since it's not hard to see why. Though rough around the edges Henge is one of the more striking debuts to come out of Japan in recent years and promises great things to come from its director.

The slender 54 minute run time begins as though Kiyoshi Kurosawa were directing an adaptation of Kafka's The Metamorphosis before morphing and shifting until it becomes something that could fit easily in Shinya Tsukamoto's early filmography. Though not a perfect film any director that earns comparisons to both Kurosawa and Tsukamoto - and deserves both - is clearly doing something right.

The trailer below gives a good taste of what lies within Ohata's debut, a dark love story about a married couple weathering the bizarre transformation of the husband.
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