Tribeca 2012: First Clip From Thriller REPLICAS Chills

, U.S. Editor
Jeremy Power Regimbal's feature debut Replicas has its world premiere coming up on Saturday, April 21st at the Tribeca Film Festival. Our first taste of what Regimbal has concocted is now online in the form of a 90 second clip. As it is with most titles in Tribeca's Cinemania slate -- their eclectic offering of late-night genre goodies -- we at Twitch are paying attention.

After the accidental death of their six-year-old daughter, the Hughes family escape their busy upscale suburban life and head to their isolated cottage for some quality time. An evening with their friendly neighbors is suddenly interrupted when one man's obsession with perfection escalates into a violent struggle, forcing the families to go beyond what they ever thought they were capable of in order to survive.

So while that synopsis doesn't seem to extend too far beyond your basic home-invasion/domestic chiller plot, one hopes with such an enticing title like Replicas that there's a very meaty, hopefully grisly, core to dig into. Check out the clip below, and I think your answer will be "...yes...". I'm certainly getting a slight Lynchian vibe -- which now seems to be the hip replacement for just plain ol' fashion creepy.
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