THE RAID Writer/Director Gareth Evans Speaks With TWITCH's Andrew Mack On THE NIGHT CREW

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Still can't get enough of The Raid? Head on over to The Night Crew's website and stream or download the interview, which first appeared here at Twitch, and can now be heard in a vastly expanded version. beware, the audio was taken around some extremely excited Toronto film fans, but it's still pretty much pure gold.
Andrew talks in detail with Evans about the production of The Raid, as well as about future cinematic endeavors, and a possible return to Berandal, an unrealized project.

The Night Crew, a podcast featuring staff from outlets such as Twitch, Fangoria, Dread Central, as well as contributors like author David Del Valle and film maker Phil Mucci, is gearing up for it's third season. Bookmark the site for further updates!

Click HERE to listen.
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