THE RAID: REDEMPTION Expanding to 875 Screens

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Sony Pictures Classics have been taking the sensible route to their US theatrical release of Gareth Huw Evans' acclaimed martial arts action film The Raid: Redemption. Step one: Hit the festival circuit to gauge critical response. Given ecstatic responses at Toronto, Sundance and SXSW that's one big check mark. Step two: A small initial release to see if that critical reaction will translate to the general public. Again, check. Step three: A slow expansion to see if things can be sustained.

And now? Well, apparently emboldened by the box office numbers Sony has decided that that time for caution is over. A modest expansion was previously announced for this week and that expansion has now been greatly expanded.

Put it this way: If you've been waiting for The Raid to come to a theater near you you can now rest assured that it's going to with the total screen count jumping up to 875 on Friday from the current 176. Check your local listings. And take a look at the trailer below if you need a reminder why.
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