THE RAID Punches Indonesia's Box Office In The Face

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While Gareth Huw Evans' action spectacular The Raid racking up accolades and very solid per-screen numbers in the US - where it is released as The Raid: Redemption and will soon be adding a host of cities to its limited theatrical run - it is becoming something of a sensation in its native Indonesia.

Over its first ten days of release in Indonesia The Raid has posted roughly 760k admissions, with the numbers rising steadily day over day as the word gets out and more people flock to the theaters. The first day where numbers dipped, in fact, was March 30th - the second Friday of release when Jakarta was impacted by massive public protests.

To put this number in context, consider this: I'm told that the top Indonesian produced film of all time is 2008 offering Laskar Pelangi, which posted roughly 4.5 million admissions over its total theatrical run and the last Indonesian film to break the one million admission mark was 2009 offering Sang Pemimpi. At it's current pace The Raid will break the one million mark either Wednesday or Thursday.

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