Ricardo Darin Reunites With CARANCHO Director For ELEFANTE BLANCO

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Pablo Trapero's Carancho was quite simply one of the best films of its year, the Cannes selected dramatic thriller a slow burning exercise in moral decay. At the heart of Carancho was Ricardo Darin and his astounding performance as an ambulance chasing lawyer preying upon the injured. The relationship between Trapero and Darin worked out so well that they're doing it again.

Given its planned May release date Trapero's Elefante Blanco seems like a very likely candidate to turn up in the Cannes lineup and the film's first teaser says very strongly that it belongs there. Darin and Jeremie Renier star as priests coping in very different ways with the violence and corruption in the Buenos Aires slum of Villa Virgen where they work.

This first teaser is very much a string of images and impressions more than anything meant to convey a sense of story but, simply, wow. This is very, very strong stuff. Take a look below.
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