Portrait of the Artist as a Young (Insane) Man: Trailer for Indie BILLY BATES

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From first-time feature helmer, Jennifer DeLia, Billy Bates is a experimental narrative project chronicling the trials and tribulations many go through to create art. If the newly released trailer is any indication, our title character is going through those motions, and then some. Check out a full synopsis and the trailer below.

BILLY BATES is the story of a young enigmatic artist (played by James Wirt) who faces his demons and through perseverance rises from the ashes of a broken soul.  The layers of Billy's psyche are explored through an extensive interview done in documentary fashion infused with the dark and provocative images from Billy's past and present. Through fragmented memories of underground parties, inside an insane asylum, and on his rise to becoming a famous contemporary artist, Billy takes us on a love story quest and journey to transcendence, all with the looming question: How important is it to know what is 'real?'

For a whole lot more on Billy Bates, check out the film's official web page here
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