Hedgehogs & Hair: Trailer for A FANTASTIC FEAR OF EVERYTHING

Simon Pegg is afraid. Of Hedgehogs, launderettes, and his own underwear, among other things. First time co-directors Chris Hopewell and Crispian Mills (who wrote the screenplay) put poor Pegg through the ringer in this dark comedy.

Simon Pegg plays Jack, a children's author turned crime novelist whose detailed research into the lives of Victorian serial killers has turned him into a paranoid wreck, persecuted by the irrational fear of being murdered.  When Jack is thrown a life-line by his long-suffering agent and a mysterious Hollywood executive takes a sudden and inexplicable interest in his script, what should be his 'big break' rapidly turns into his 'big breakdown', as Jack is forced to confront his worst demons; among them his love life, his laundry and the origin of all fear.

The first trailer is now online, and it looks like a whole lot of psycho-existential creepy fun. Pegg has become the quintessential slightly-crazed goofy British nerd, and seems to be in his element in this Gilliam-inspired tale. Universal is releasing the film in the UK on June 8th, and Indomina Releasing has picked up the US rights, though no word on a release date there as yet. It looks to have the potential to be a cult comedy hit.
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