George A Romero's NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD Lurches To Life On Stage

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The undead are coming, rising up from their graves to walk once again among the living. But this time they're not appearing on screens, no. This time they will be shambling across the stage, up close and personal in the upcoming Canadian stage adaptation of George A Romero's Night Of The Living Dead.

Directed by Evil Dead: The Musical's Christopher Bond from a script by Trevor Martin and Dale Boyer, the idea of a live version of the undead classic came from the minds of Christopher Harrison and Phil Pattison who - thanks to the efforts of David Daniloff of Daniloff Productions - would soon be joined by NotLD writer and producer John Russo and Russ Streiner as well as George A. Romero himself, who not only gave their blessings to the project but signed up as Executive Producers.

The show will be arriving on stage in Toronto in 2013, you can check the official site for updates.
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