First Poster For Rian Johnson's LOOPER

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Rian Johnson has been keeping fans waiting for anything related to his upcoming time travel hitman movie Looper beyond the absolute basics. A savvy man when it comes to social media Johnson has teased out just enough from the set - an image here or there, a brief hint or two - to keep people engaged without giving up anything significant and it's worked. Among us geek types Looper is one of the more anticipated titles of the year, the anticipation ramped up by rumblings from early test screenings that the film is really, really good.

But with a September release date edging up we are now reaching the stage where the marketing is being taken out of Johnson's hands and put into the distributor's. Which means now is when we start to get a bit more. Such as the poster up above. Sure, still not giving away much but it's something at least ...
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