Final DARK KNIGHT RISES Trailer Goes For The Melancholy

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It's going to be superheroes battling for box office supremacy this summer and the two prime contenders couldn't possibly be more different. Joss Whedon's The Avengers - which is already raking it in overseas - is sure to send fans swooning with its high octane, massive battling, one liner cracking entertainment. And Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight Rises? Well, it's going for intimate character dynamics and is looking like a phenomenal downer if the latest - and apparently final - trailer is to be believed.

Melancholic is understatement here and while Nolan's films have always been dark you have to wonder just a touch if he's gone a wee bit far in that direction here, particularly in what appears to be the absence of a Heath Ledger style charismatic villain to inject some life. Yes, Tom Hardy is a phenomenal actor but Bane just isn't the extroverted showman that The Joker is, you know?

I'll be there opening day and I expect it to be fabulous but, man, this is grim.
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