Epic Trailer For J.A. Bayona's Disaster Drama THE IMPOSSIBLE, With Naomi Watts And Ewan McGregor

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After turning heads around the world with his classically styled ghost story The Orphanage, Spanish director J.A. Bayona had pretty much his pick of high profile projects. Most expected that he would continue in genre territory and while the subject he chose is every bit as horrific as his first feature it is far, far more realistic.

Bayona's The Impossible takes the massive tsunami that hit Thailand in 2004 as its starting point. And while the film boasts major international star power in the form of Naomi Watts and Ewan McGregor it is clear that the events themselves are going to be a major drawing card in this large scale disaster drama.

Currently scheduled for an October release in Spain a full trailer has arrived online and while the overall effect is not helped at all by a dodgy dub job into Spanish the visuals are absolutely stunning. Take a look below.
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