Dark Delights Lie In The HOTEL 69

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A psycho sexual thriller very definitely not made with young audiences in mind - take that as your NSFW warning, the stills and trailer are very definitely of the red band variety - upcoming Singaporean picture Hotel 69 comes very much as a surprise. Surprising, first, that this sort of material would be coming out of Singapore at all and second that, having decided to go into this territory they've gone into it incredibly wholeheartedly. This holds nothing back.

The storyline revolves around a psychopathic pimp taking revenge on a man by luring him into a depraved high end brothel where literally anything is available. The subject matter reminds me somewhat of recent Toronto International Film Festival selection Red Nights but the execution has a flavor all its own.

Check a gallery of images and the first trailer - complete with English subtitles - below.
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