Danny McBride And Todd Phillips Remaking Denmark's CLOWN (KLOVN)

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It is remarkably unlikely that when Drafthouse films releases screamingly funny Danish comedy Clown in US theaters on July 27th that they will use the poster to the left. This makes me sad. It is equally unlikely that when Danny McBride and Todd Phillips complete their just-announced US remake of the film that they will also remake said poster. This makes me happy, because god knows I don't need to see McBride in that context.

In a deal that has been brewing for quite a while, Warner Brothers have acquired remake rights to the Danish hit comedy series Klovn and its spin off film for McBride to write and star in a US version with The Hangover director Todd Phillips producing. No word yet on who will play the secondary lead or who will direct.

They will, however, be sticking close to the plot of the Danish film in which lead characters Frank and Casper take a young boy with them on a "camping trip" which is actually what Casper refers to as a "tour de pussy". This, of course, is how Frank aims to prove to his pregnant girlfriend that he is good father material so that she will not abort their baby.

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