CONFIRMED: Brad Pitt And Javier Bardem Join Ridley Scott's THE COUNSELOR

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It would appear that Jeremy Renner is the odd man out. And that Mr and Mrs Pitt are booking a bit of time with Ridley Scott. Let's sum up:

Back in January word broke that Cormac McCarthy had written his first original script, a dark thriller titled The Counselor which Ridley Scott quickly snapped up to direct with Michael Fassbender quickly signed as the lead. Casting rumors circulated immediately with Brad Pitt, Jeremy Renner and Javier Bardem all publicly stating their desire to be in the film.

On March 8th Twitch broke word that Renner and Bardem were both speaking to the producers about the role of Reiner with Bardem having the inside track. At that point it appeared that Pitt was out of the picture as Reiner was the biggest of the support roles. Not so.

A week later Twitch again brought word about the film, this time that Brad Pitt had very quietly had a meeting with Scott to discuss the role of Westray.

And now it's official. According to Deadline Pitt and Bardem have both signed on in the Westray and Reiner roles, respectively. They further report that Mrs Pitt - that'd be Angelina Jolie - is also looking very likely to take on the female lead. That's a bit of a cast right there.
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