BREAKING: SINNERS AND SAINTS Fans, Here's Not One, But Two Reasons for You to Be Excited!

Director William Kaufman's SINNERS AND SAINTS was one of the best action films, and one of my personal favourites, of 2011. The first great news is that, as some of you already know, it will have its Domestic Premiere at the upcoming North Carolina's ActionFest , the 'manliest, muscliest film festival on the whole damn planet', with director Kaufman and stars Johnny Strong and Tom Berenger in attendance. 

Now, Twitch has also got the exclusive scoop that SINNERS AND SAINTS 2 will be going into production this fall, with William Kaufman and Johnny Strong returning, and Chad and Evan Law (who worked with Kaufman on THE HIT LIST as screenwriters and ONE IN THE CHAMBER as associate producers) penning the screenplay. Director Kaufman has promised the sequel will have more exciting action than the original. 

SINNERS AND SAINTS 2 is scheduled for a theatrical release some time next year.
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