ATTENTION CHICAGO TWITCHERS Enjoy a screening of Cabin in the Woods on us.


If you don't live in Chicago then don't bother. But IF YOU DO LIVE IN CHICAGO  why not head down to and enter RSVP Code TWITCHE9BF . There you can download a free pass to an early sneak screening of CABIN IN THE WOODS. The screening is on MONDAY, APRIL 9. Once tickets are gone they are gone. If the system lets you through then download, print and show up early cuz this sucker is gonna be packed out. The ticket doesn't guarantee anything but a place in line. I'm sworn to secrecy but it's no secret that there is a lot of buzz around this flick. I've got an interview with director Drew Goddard going up on the site next week and I can tell you the man really cared about telling a good story just as much as getting the genre conventions up on the screen. 

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