Ash Gets Animated In A Rotoscoped EVIL DEAD 2 Trailer

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In the "This is just plain ole' cool!" department, this wonderful rotoscoped version of the trailer for Sam Raimi's horror/comedy megaclassic Evil Dead 2 popped up on my radar today. It comes from a studio calling itself Pretend For Real, who seem to specialize in titles and characteristic gory animations. You can trust I'll be running down more info on this outfit of animators, and sharing it here. If there is more where this came from, I'll be one happy horror geek.

If you are unfamiliar with the term rotoscope, it is an animation process that involves drawing over actors filmed live. Think the midnight movie classic Heavy Metal, or the work of Ralph Bakshi.

Can you imagine this done in it's entirety? Chant a prayer with me now oh faithful fans of all things Deadite..."Kandar! Kandar! KANDAR!"

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