Arrow Video Announces A Tromatic Q3 With CLASS OF NUKE' EM HIGH & More, Plus LADY SNOWBLOOD On Blu-ray!

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It looks like another stellar quarter for Arrow Video who've just announced their Summer/Autumn slate for 2012. The most interesting additions are the set of Troma produced features, which look stellar, thanks in large part to a healthy dose of bonus material and some outstanding custom cover art from the legendary Graham Humphreys. The other very cool release is a Blu-ray two pack of the original Lady Snowblood films, available both as dual format Blu-ray/DVD and in Steelbook configurations. All of these look awesome, though be sure to check out the region coding info before getting too excited. It looks like Class of Nuke 'Em High will be all region, but Lady Snowblood will be Region B. I don't know about you, but that artwork for Surf Nazis Must Die is incredible in my book!
Class of Nuke em High (Arrow Video)


At Tromaville High School the kids are revolting. Literally. The irradiated marijuana they've been buying from The Cretins, a tough gang of ex-star pupils turned atomic punks, is turning them into freaks. Girls are giving birth to demon babies, the nerds are developing super strength and there's a monster in the school basement that eats honour roll students for breakfast.

Welcome to State education Troma-style, a place where the science lab is kitted out with lasers and nudity is often compulsory. The Class of Nuke 'Em High will have their work cut out surviving until the final bell, let alone graduation.
So join the Class of Nuke 'Em High in this low rent Troma classic, a straight-to-video masterclass in shlock and awe from the people who brought you Surf Nazi's Must Die.
Special Features:

- High Definition Blu-ray and Standard Definition DVD transfer of the unrated Director's Cut of the film
- Optional English SDH subtitles on the main feature
- Audio commentary with Troma Studios founder and Class of Nuke 'em High co-director Lloyd Kaufman
- Interview with stars Robert and Jennifer Prichard
- Theo Pingarelli on the making of the nuclear power plant effect
- Troma Studios tour with Llloyd Kaufman
- Public Service Announcement by Lemmy from Motörhead featuring Trey Parker and Matt Stone, creators of South Park
- Aroma du Troma
- Troma Studios Trailer Reel
- Reversible sleeve with original poster and newly commissioned artwork by Graham Humphreys
- Collector's Booklet by critic and author David Hayles
Dual Format DVD & Blu-ray
Region 2/B
Release date: 06/08/2012

Combat_Shock_DVD_Front_2D_TBC.jpgCombat Shock (Arrow Video)


'Nam, a green jungle hell. A terrifying place of death, violence and bloody war where seeing your buddies die in front of you is a daily event and getting your seed corrupted by Agent Orange is an occupational hazard. Poor Ricky came home with a messed up head and scrambled DNA, now he has a mutated baby, a nagging wife and a grim collection of junkie friends to deal with. In the dilapidated tenements of Staten Island, life is harsh and sanity is transitory at best.

Combat Shock is Troma's meanest, grittiest movie. A headfirst trip into the seedy urban trough where hookers, desperate junkies and slowly unravelling Vietnam vets crawl over each other just to survive as the movie jacks up the grime flecked horror on its journey to one of no budget cinema's most shocking conclusions.

You've witnessed the Surf Nazis on the rampage, you've laughed at the kids of the Class of Nuke 'Em High... Now take a trip into Troma's dark heart in COMBAT SHOCK.

- Reversible sleeve with original poster and newly commissioned artwork by Graham Humphreys
- Collector's Booklet by horror expert Anthony Timpone
- Two disc DVD edition featuring both cuts of the film

- Feature Presentation of American Nightmares, director Buddy Giovinazzo's Original Cut
- Feature Presentation of Combat Shock, the Troma theatrical cut of the film
- Audio Commentary with writer-director Buddy Giovinazzo and Jorg Buttgereit (Nekromantik)

- Post-Traumatic: An American Nightmare - A documentary on the film's impact and influence featuring William Lustig (Maniac Cop), John McNaughton (Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer), Scott Spiegel (Evil Dead 2), Richard Stanley (Hardware), Roy Frumkes (Street Trash) and more!
- Buddy's Early Works: Five short films directed by Giovinazzo and three music videos from the Giovinazzo brothers' band
- Interview with director Buddy Giovinazzo
- Unscarred: Interview with star Rick Giovinazzo
- Buddy Giovinazzo and Jorg Buttgereit at the Berlin Film Festival
- Der Combat: Buddy Giovinazzo and Troma President Lloyd Kaufman at the Tromanale in Berlin
- Hellscapes: The Locations of the film revisited
- Original Theatrical Trailer
2xDVD only
Region 2
Release date: 06/08/2012

Surf_Nazis_DVD_Front_2D.jpgSurf Nazis Must Die (Arrow Video)


When the California coast is ravaged by a massive earthquake the beaches are left in a state of anarchy. In this lawless void a new power is rising. Adolf and his evil gang of fascist water rats are coming. They are the Surf Nazis and they must DIE!

Fighting with rival beach gangs and harassing the locals, the Surf Nazis soon take over the area but when they ice a local jogger it opens up a can of revenge as the murdered man's Mama breaks out her retirement home, tooled up and ready for harsh vigilante justice.

Blood, guts, gore, nudity and murder come thick and fast in this gnarly beach bum holocaust extravaganza from Troma, the sick, twisted shlock house that brought you Combat Shock and Class of Nuke 'Em High.

Special Features:
- Director's Cut Feature Presentation
- Interview with director Peter George
- Interview with producer Robert Tinnell
- Six lost Surf Scenes with introduction by Peter George
- Original Theatrical Trailer
- Reversible sleeve with original poster and newly commissioned artwork by Graham Humphreys
- Collector's Booklet by critic and author Calum Waddell
DVD only
Region 2
Release date: 06/08/2012

Lady_Snowblood_DF_Front_2D_TBC.jpgLady Snowblood / Lady Snowblood 2 (Arrow Video)

From the original manga by Kasuo Koike (Lone Wolf and Cub) and the main inspiration for Quentin Tarantino's Kill Bill, Lady Snowblood is a blood spattered Samurai masterpiece from the golden age of Japanese cult cinema!

Kidnapped and abused by Samurai a woman who finds herself in jail plots revenge by getting pregnant to raise an instrument of death! The child, Yuki, is raised with the single purpose of cutting down the four beasts that brutalised her mother, dismembering every down, dirty lowlife that stands in her way.

Special Features:
- High Definition Blu-ray (1080p) and Standard Definition DVD presentation of both features
- Reversible sleeve with original poster and newly commissioned artwork
- Collector's booklet by Japanese cinema expert
- More special features to be announced closer to the time!
- Also available as a Limited Edition SteelBook!
Standard Edition
Dual Format DVD & Blu-ray
Region 2/B
Release date: 24/09/2012
Limited Edition SteelBook
Dual Format DVD & Blu-ray
Region 2/B
Release Date 24/09/2012
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