Yu Irie's Saitama Rapper Turns ROADSIDE FUGITIVE In English Subtitled Trailer

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Japanese director Yu Irie gained a loyal following with his debut film 8000 Miles, a scrappy indie about a trio of would-be rappers with dreams of shaking off their rural lives. the film won raves on the festival circuit and Yu has since proven remarkably loathe to leave his creations behind. He's no followed that initial success with a pair of sequels, the third of which will soon be screening as part of the Hong Kong International Film Festival.

Down and out in his hometown of Saitama, a sleepy suburb of Tokyo, after NOT making it in the metropolis, the wannabe rap artist Mighty can only wallow in his misery, lurking at the very bottom of society in his self-imposed exile. One day, he bumps into his former best friends when least expected. Unlike him, who has turned into a veritable fugitive, Ikku and Tom are still trying to become musicians. What will happen to their dreams, and to their future?

Take a look at the trailer below!

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