Trailer for Sci-Fi Short HIBERNATION Haunts and Intrigues

There are some tremendous short genre films coming out of Spain right now. With the availability of online platforms such as Vimeo and YouTube, it's easier to broadcast your work, and easier for audiences around the world to view it. Jon Mikel Caballero is taking good advantage of this by posting a trailer for his short sci-fi film Hibernation as well as a Crowdfunding video appeal for the last stages of postproduction. Several recent sci-fi films are combining intimate stories of human identity and emotion within their grander narratives of technology, the future (such as Primer) and space exploration (such as Another Earth and Love.) Caballero's film looks like a great fit to this new mode of intimate epic.
Joseph is an astronaut, about to embark on a 50-year journey that will take him where no-one has gone before, thanks to a new Hibernation program. But as he is about to begin this journey, something happens between him and his instructor Claire, which turns certainties into doubts.
Clearly in part an homage to 1970s sci-fi, with its slightly grainy texture and colour scheme, what stands out most is the sense of touch. The smooth interior wall of the spacecraft, the prick of a needle, a constricted chest, evoke a great visceral and tactile response. The slow build-up of Joseph's speech and his journey to the craft is then punctured by fast-paced editing, giving a taste with what disaster lies in the rest of the film. It's a spooky and effective trailer.

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