Trailer for PARIS UNDER WATCH / AUX YEUX DE TOUS is Always Watching You.

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The French thriller Paris Under Watch / Aux Yeux De Tous, directed by Cédric Jimenez, who also co-wrote with Arnaud Duprey and Audrey Diwan, is ready to open in France on April 4th.Their début does not look like it will go out of its way to make anyone paranoid about their privacy feel any better.

The film opens in Paris on the eve of the presidential elections, just after a huge terrorist attack at the Gare Austerlitz. The government accuses Islamists. But a computer hacker who considers himself an anonymous law-upholder carefully studies images of the explosion and tracks down, from a distance, the trio responsible for the crime, in particular a young couple. Using the city's surveillance cameras, he spies on and manipulates them. In the process, he realises that the truth can have many faces.

You will find both the teaser and the trailer after the break. 

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