Trailer for Lau Ching Wan's New Film FAIRY TALE KILLER

Lau Ching Wan, one of the best actors working in Hong Kong today, is back with the new film FAIRY TALE KILLER. The film is directed by Danny Pang, who is most famous for the films in which he collaborated with his older twin Oxide Pang, in particular the classic 2002 horror film THE EYE. 

While many of the films from the Pang brothers over the years were disappointing, FAIRY TALE KILLER may fare better thanks to a strong cast including Lau and award-winning co-star Wang Bao Qiang (BLIND SHAFT, ASSEMBLY, A WORLD WITHOUT THIEVES), as well as a screenplay from Szeto Kam Yuen who wrote the scripts for some of the best Milkyway Image productions (EXILED, A HERO NEVER DIES, EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED, THE LONGEST NITE, TOO MANY WAYS TO BE NO. 1). 

Synopsis (via IMDb): A fearless cop is appointed to investigate a series of puzzling murders which resemble fairy tales.

Embedded is the newly released trailer. 

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