PENUMBRA Trailer: Solar Eclipse Creates Tension in an Argentine Apartment

, Managing Editor

As I wrote when it screened at Fantastic Fest, "no movie is set unintentionally on the day of a solar eclipse, and that includes Penumbra, the new movie from Adrián and Ramiro García Bogliano. Like Cold Sweat, their immediate predecessor, Penumbra takes place in and around an aging apartment building in Buenos Aires, Argentina. But the similarities end there (except for a little 'oil on woman' action)."

High-powered Margarita Sanchez travels from Spain to deal with business in South America, but she's none too happy to be there, since she considers Buenos Aires to be a cesspool, making its residents rats -- or something worse. Before she flees home, she wastes precious time trying to rent her family's old apartment. As the minutes stretch into hours, and more strangers begin appearing, the tension in the air becomes palpable.

it takes a while for things to ramp up, but that gives us time to get to know Margarita, and the pay-off is worth the wait. Penumbra opens in limited release in the U.S. on April 20, and will also be available widely via various Video On Demand platforms. The new U.S. trailer sells it quite effectively.

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