Have Your Say: If Tim Burton would remake LORD OF THE RINGS, who is Johnny Depp?

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Another year, another Tim Burton film starring Johnny Depp. And as with the last few, it's either a remake or a re-imagining of an existing property. This time it is "Dark Shadows" (see the pic here) but who knows what will be next?

But that becomes a fun game we ourselves could play: what would Burton's "Psycho" be like with Depp as Bates? Or a Burton "Citizen Kane" with Depp as Kane? A Tim Burton version of "Casablanca" with Johnny Depp as Rick?

The possibilities are endless...

However, what if we turn to a film or franchise where there are SEVERAL extremely colorful characters running around? That would mean a choice has to be made.
So let's ponder a bit about a Tim Burton adaptation of "Lord of the Rings". Which role would fit Johnny Depp best?


Or maybe have Tim Burton pull a "Kind Hearts and Coronets" and make Depp play the ENTIRE Fellowship?

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