Europe is About to Get Evil: Teaser for SUPERCROOKS

I don't know when Nacho Vigalondo or Mark Millar ever find time to sleep. Both are two of the most active artists in their field. Vigalondo's latest feature, Extraterrestrial, is opening in Spain on Friday, and he's already got other projects on the go. One of them is with Mark Millar, one of the most successful comic book artists working today. Two of his works, Kick-Ass and Wanted, have already become films, and Supercrooks, directed by the intrepid Spaniard, is in the works.

Vigalondo, ever prolific, has directed two short pieces to tide us over. The first is an semi-official trailer for Supercrooks (no actual footage from the yet-to-be-shot film appears, due for release in 2014) and the second is a Vigalondo-directed promo for Millar's upcoming comic book releases. Both are wickedly delightful.
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