Tom Cruise Starring Adaptation Of ONE SHOT Hit By A Lawsuit From Its Own Producer

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Could the Tom Cruise starring adaptation of Lee Child's One Shot be in trouble? Probably not to the degree that would stop it from being made but producer Kevin Messick is unhappy about the way things are going and he's filed a lawsuit against fellow producers Don Granger and Gary Levinsohn to make his point. And, hopefully, his money.

The Hollywood Reporter have the full blow by blow breakdown of what's going down but the short version is that Messick claims to have put years of development work into the picture based on agreement with Granger and Levinsohn that once the movie was greenlit and the money came in they would all share equally in the rewards. The green light has come. Granger and Levinsohn have been paid. Messick has not.

This is very unlikely to be enough to derail the project but it another ding against a project already widely criticized by fans of the novel and the Jack Reacher character upset that Cruise does not match the physical description of Reacher in the books.
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