The Bride will throw a Chainsaw: New [REC] GENESIS Images

This is not going to be your typical wedding video. Paco Plaza's [REC] GENESIS, set to be unleashed in Spain on March 30, looks like it might be taking a slight detour from the previous two films. However, it doesn't look likely to be any less frightening, violent or brilliant. Moving the setting far away from that fateful apartment building in Madrid, Plaza has stated that the plot will encompass those of the previous two films, but this time in broad daylight in a larger space, giving the infection a while new set of bodies to invade. Below are some new images which will only heighten anticipation. The series has been one of the freshest and most original in years. The second film built on the first, and the third looks to flesh out the story and horror even further. With Jaumé Balaguero set to direct the final installment shortly, this is looking to be the best quadrilogy since Alien.
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