Vincent Gallo Dances With UFOs In First Teaser For THE LEGEND OF KASPAR HAUSER

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While some may find Vincent Gallo's movies boring you can never, ever say that about the man himself. One of cinema's reigning enfants terribles for long enough now that the enfant tag doesn't really fit any more, Gallo seems to take great pride in being perplexing and unpredictable and that is very clearly evident in his new starring venture, The Legend Of Kaspar Hauser.

The body of crown prince Kaspar Hauser, who had mysteriously disappeared since childhood, surfaces somewhere near the Sardinian shore. This new arrival stirs the lives of the small community of five that inhabit the Italian island.
What this synopsis has to do, precisely, with either UFOs or dancing is not exactly clear but you get them both in the film's first teaser. Check it out, courtesy of the International Film Festival Rotterdam, below.

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