Trailer For South African Heist Movie 31 MILLION REASONS

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While every nation's local cinema has its own distinct flavor there are also certain constants no matter where you go. And one of those is that crime plays well everywhere. It's a simple fact. And it's one that is clearly being learned by the industry in South Africa. 2011 brought the noir tinged How To Steal 2 Million and freshly released offering 31 Million Reasons is currently drawing crowds at local theaters.

COPS, ROBBERS & BUNNY CHOW; How many reasons would you need? Bollywood meets South Africa in a fictionalized heist film about corrupt cop Ronnie who has illusions of being above the criminal class, and who desperately wants to clean up his act. Ronnie is given the opportunity to go legit by a cash-in-transit guard... but only by orchestrating the biggest cash heist in South African history.

Take a look at the trailer below.
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